Solar Financing at MassAmerican Energy

MAE can work with you to finance your project that will best suit your situation and be the most cost effective option for the return on your investment. We have a range of custom options and have trusted relationships with lenders we stand behind that are there to assist our clients with the right decision for their business.

Options for Non Profits


MassAmerican Energy specializes in a tax lease for the Non Profit sector. Through working with a third party leasing company, Non Profits are able to keep the SRECS. Without this special leasing option, Non Profits would only benefit from federal incentives and rebates and not be able to keep the certificates generated by using renewable energy. These certificates allow for an additional substantial income. 

How Does the Tax Lease Work?

Why move forward with a tax lease? 


If you can not take advantage of the tax benefits this is great option. MAE brings in a leasing company that owns the equipment, benefits from the tax incentives, and passes those monetary benefits to the lessee. 

Great Candidates

  • Established non profit

  • Owns or has a long term lease to the building

  • Strong institutional support

  • A facility with over 20,000 sq ft of roof space

PPA Financing


The MassAmerican Energy Solar PPA (power purchase agreement) is an agreement under which a client buys solar electricity at a low, fixed rate for a term ranging from 10-20 years. We design, install, and own a solar energy system at their site and manage and maintain it for the life of the agreement.

PPA Advantages

Freeze electricity rates: Replace rising, variable energy costs with fixed-rate solar electricity and add thousands or more to your bottom line.

Lower recurring costs: Offset all or a just a portion of your daily electricity usage.

Reap tax benefits: Monetize federal, state, and local incentives + Renewable Energy Credits.

Financing innovation: Lock in electricity costs below market rates with no upfront investment.


A solar PPA is the most cost-effective solar project financing method typically available. Instead of purchasing a solar power system, your organization pays only for the power it uses from it - at a fixed rate below the utility price and shielded from increases. A solar PPA cuts operating costs immediately and presents the opportunity to establish your brand as an environmentally conscious one, opening the door to solar incentives and new marketing opportunities leveraging your environmental commitment. And it all happens with no assumption of risk and no upfront investment on your part.

This turnkey energy solution includes seamless implementation and ongoing solar warranty and management services. MassAmerican Energy operates, protects, and services the system to keep it running smoothly so you can pursue business as usual - with a new, lower electricity rate and smaller carbon footprint.


Frequently Asked Questions


Solar Financing Options - There is no doubt about it, solar generating systems often cost more than what can be readily paid out of currently available cash on hand. Accordingly, MassAmerican Energy LLC is often asked by its clientele to assist with the procurement of financing in order to get the project up and running.


Q: Can the customer return the equipment at the end of the lease and who pays for the de-installation of the system and shipping charges?

A: At the end of the lease term the customer may require us to remove the system at its expense.


Q: Who is responsible for system operation and maintenance (O&M)?

A: Under a lease, the customer is responsible for system O&M.  In most cases, that is very minimal.


Q: Who provides insurance for the system?

A: Customer will add the system to its insurance policy identifying MassAmerican as an additional insured and loss payee.


Q: Can the customer purchase the system prior to the end of the lease term?

A: Customer may purchase the system at the 5th anniversary for the amount stated in the Termination Value Schedule.


Q: How does the end of term purchase option work?

A: The customer may purchase the system for the greater of the then system fair-market-value (FMV) or 20% of the installation contract price.  The    customer chooses the appraiser to set system FMV.


Q: Can the customer finance the buy-out amount?

A: Yes, they can finance through their bank, or MassAmerican's finance partners will finance the buy-out amount, possibly at a lower payment than the existing lease payment.


Q: Does MassAmerican our its finance partners place any liens on the property (building and land)?

A: No.  We will only file UCC statements securing the solar system installed at customer's site as the personal property of MassAmerican and/or its finance partners.  In addition, we will file a Memorandum of the Site Lease with the local county recorder's office notifying any future lien holder of our and/or our finance partner's rights to house the solar system on the site.


Q: What happens if customer sells the real property during the term of the lease?

A: Customer can sign the lease over to the new owner once the credit of the new customer is approved. If the proposed transferee's credit is not approved, then the Seller must buy the system from MassAmerican and/or its finance partners and (presumably) include it in the sale of the property to the transferee.


Q: Who is responsible for property taxes levied on the system?

A: Solar systems are usually exempt from property taxes. However, MassAmerican and its finance partners have the right to adjust the cost of electricity to reimburse for property tax liabilities.


Q: How will the customer know if the system is over or under producing versus expectation?

A: The customer will have access to the monitoring data.


Q: Will we also finance other projects such as a reroof, a new boiler, lighting upgrades, etc.?

A: Yes.