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REC Monetization

MassAmerican Energy: Experienced & Reliable SREC Monetization Services. MAE goes beyond system development and installation to ensure that its customers continue to benefit from their investment into the future. Since approximately two-thirds of ongoing revenue from a solar energy investment can come from the non-energy benefits represented by tradable certificates (called Solar Renewable Energy Certificates or SRECs), having a trusted and experienced SREC broker is essential.


MAE's personnel have been involved in the regulatory design and implementation of the energy attributes markets since their inception and we have actively traded certificates since 2005, which makes us one of the most established and successful aggregators in the business.


Our customers benefit from our size and market contacts. We will often aggregate the output from all of the systems we manage into a large institutional buyer. This quantity aggregation reduces transaction costs and helps our customers to get higher prices than they can get on their own. Also, our experience and established name in the market means that we are a preferred counter-party with established purchasers.


Please contact our project developers when you are ready to work with a firm that is an expert in the SREC market and stands behind its installations with dedicated monetization services. MAE provides a level of service and professionalism that only comes from a full service solar energy system provider that is singularly focused on complete customer satisfaction.

Solar Energy System Design and Development

Solar Project Development with the Customer Always First


As a leader in commercial solar energy solutions, we know solutions aren't realized without a plan. That's why our comprehensive service begins with solar project planning.


Our experience in the solar industry is a valuable asset. With over 30 megawatts of solar energy systems installed, we've worked with a broad array of site conditions, product manufacturers, and budgets. Clients' unique energy goals and project funding levels necessitate a customized approach to each system designed, but solar project planning is streamlined with this wealth of experience.


Award-Winning Solar Design and Engineering 


Solar photovoltaic systems from MassAmerican Energy routinely outperform energy output estimates thanks to our highly skilled, in house solar design and engineering team. Coupled with our enviable on time, on budget record, we have earned the reputation as an industry leader in solar photovoltaic design and engineering. 



  • Proprietary design protocols result in higher system production and savings

  • Designs are reviewed and stamped by independednt professional engineers

  • Dedicated Project Manager ensures accountability

  • Routine audits by our Safety Director have resulted in an outstanding safety record

  • Our energy quality control department conducts comprehensive system commissioning

  • Approved interconnections with all major utilities ensures seamless parallel operation

  • OSHA and NABCEP Certifications

  • Comprehensive liability coverage policy

  • Substantial performance bonding coverage

Solar System Infrastructure 


With MassAmerican's unique carport designs and installation know how, parking lots can now be transformed into a revenue producing asset. 



  • Car shelter

  • New amenity for visitors and customers

  • Assist in storm water management

  • Harvest free electricity for facility needs

  • Attractive appearance

  • Enhanced site and security lighting with LED systems

Brownfields/Land Fills


There are more than 100,000 landfills in the United States. These sites can be difficult to recycle into productive uses but can be engineered to support Solar. 

Roof Top

Solar arrays on the roof are the most common way to provide for some or all of a buildings energy needs with abundant emission free solar energy. MAE is a leader in the deployment of solar roof top systems. 



  • Lower electricity bills

  • Increase value of property

  • Create revenue from unused roof space

  • Hedge against rising utility rates

  • State and local rebates and tax incentives

  • Roof maintenance and warranty

  • Produce clean energy