About MassAmerican Energy


MassAmerican Energy has developed a unique approach to serving the needs of its clientele. Our professionals have over 50 years of combined experience with professional backgrounds in renewable energy, electricity, finance, economics, law and accounting and are well practiced in negotiation and deal-making.



We are also successful entrepreneurs who have each built, acquired and sold several of our own businesses and understand what it is like to be a principal in a deal. We have extensive relevant experience in solar system design, value chain and supplier relationships, deal finance, system monitoring and operations, and SREC trading/monetization.

Our Approach to Maximizing Value


MAE's approach to maximizing the value of your photovoltaic investment includes a comprehensive business diagnosis and an assessment of:


  • Financial Performance

  • Growth Potential

  • Market Dynamics

  • Economic Factors

  • Technological Trends


We evaluate all clientele and potential sites for optimal performance and financial returns in light of all applicable financial and incentive program opportunities. We also are continually evaluating strategic partnership relationships and developing improved project delivery systems in order to bring greater value to the solar energy marketplace.