Why Your Business or Non-Profit Organization Should Install A Solar Array

  • Can be installed with zero money down

  • Can be cash flow positive from day one

  • Create an entirely new revenue stream

  • Generate rates of return between 20-40%

  • Create revenue of $2.00/sf of rooftop per year

  • Lock-in energy rates for 25+ years

  • Install on roofs, parking lots, and ground

  • Increase value of property

"Our solar system not only saves us money by generating electricity, but because of state and federal incentives, it actually produces a recurring revenue stream."

Gerry McSweeney, COO
City North Development LLC

We offer a complete suite of solar services in Massachusetts and New England including: design, construction, and finance to maintenance and operations.


Our mission is to ensure our clients derive all the benefits that solar can provide. At MassAmercican Energy, the solar systems we provide don't just make you energy, they make you money!

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